We came to your class out of curiosity. We stayed because of the overall attitude you bring. It's nice to find someone genuinely happy and smiling because you want to.

-Brittany Self

Samira - Troupe Director


Samira is a solo performer and director of The Turkish Delights (formerly Sharaka Raqsa Bellydance). She started bellydancing in 2006 and the original troupe was formed in 2009 by a group of four friends who met in their early bellydance classes. We decided it was time for us to branch out on our own and start putting dances together for workshops and for fun. Marrakesh and I began co-teaching a class at that time. We later seperated our classes to cut down our commute. Over time our members have changed but one thing that remains is that we are all sisters in an ever-growing family. As time went on we started performing on larger stages and now have a wide variety of shows ranging from a traditional and lovely Egyptian Cabaret show, to our rambunctious Gypsy act, all the way to our Danger and Drama tribal fusion set featuring swords, flames, and serpents. We love making your event memorable. Check out the bios below to learn about our 2014 performers!

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For a challenge and adventure in her life, Savina joined her first bellydance class in Jasper with Samira in 2009. She fell in love and has not stopped dancing since. Her fusion style has let her adapt freely to modern styles of American Bellydance while savoring the soulful classical styles as well. She commands the stage with her dramatic presence and makes the audience gasp when dancing with her favorite prop, the sword.



Nashwa has been studying and performing with The Turkish Delights since 2010.

She has taken workshops with Princess Farhana, Laylia of Columbus and Shakira al Fanninah.

She is a gypsy heart breaker who has traveled far and wide. She is multi lingual from her many adventures and always has a great story to tell if you've got a good rhythm to dance to.


Larain Began her training in Bellydance in 2006 in Egyptian Cabaret at “Three Rivers Dance Academy” under Ramona Kleiman, and later with Leah Robling. She continued her Cabaret training with Melanie Wagner of “Mermaid Dance Studio” and trained in tribal with Michele Davis. In 20010 she began training with Samira in Cabaret, Turkish, and Tribal fusion and became a member of The Turkish Delights (formerly Sharaka Raqsa). In 2010 Larain also began training in the ATS® FCBD® system and in 2011 was GS Certified with FCBD® in 2012 she was TT1 & TT2 certified with FCBD® and was presented with the prestigious title of Sister Studio. She is an E-RYT with Yoga Alliance and has taught Yoga since 1992. She instructed Yoga and Belly dance at Owensboro Community & Technical College, for a Kinesiology credit. She is a wife, mother and grandmother who enjoys painting in her spare time. She believes age is just a number and you should keeping moving till only your body says its time to sit. Dance lifts her spirit and motivates her to always try new things.


Fadiyah Fadiyah has always loved to dance. Her parents enrolled her in ballet classes at the age of six, and she continued ballet until she entered junior high. After a couple years break, she joined her high school color guard. She learned to love performing, and lived for the adrenaline rush it provided. After graduating high school, she did not dance again until January of 2015. One of her friends (and fellow troupe member) talked her into attending the ISAMETD Winter Bazaar. After taking workshops all day and watching multiple bellydancers perform, she had been bit by the bellydance bug. She knew she had to find a class to learn more. That February, she joined one of Samira’s classes. She fell in love with the dance form, and has been dancing ever since. Fadiyah’s favorite styles are Egyptian Cabaret and Turkish Oriental, but loves to dance many different styles. She will entrance you with her veil, awe you with her sword, and dazzle you with her zills.

Guest Performers

The Turkish Delights believes in sharing dance. We dance with a handfull of other dance troupes in the area and they, in turn, dance with us. You never know who you will see in one of our performances, or when you will see us, but you will always be entertained!

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