I would recommend Samira's classes to anyone. Its fun, great exercise, very reasonably priced, and Samira breaks everything down to make it super simple. I trip on air and fall up stairs. If she can teach someone like me to dance gracefully, trust me, she can teach anyone!

-Jessica Gresham

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bellydance?

Belly dance is the Western-coined name for traditional Middle Eastern dance. The women in the families would dance for each other at weddings and parties. Bellydance is designed for the female body, with an emphasis on the muscles of the hips, stomach, and back. It is characterized by smooth, flowing, sensual movements of the torso with contrasting shimmy movements.

What are the benefits of bellydance?

The benefits of bellydance are both mental and physical. Bellydance is suitable for all ages and body types, and can be as physical as the participant chooses. It is considered a non-impact, weight-bearing exercise.
As a form of exercise, bellydancing can burn as many calories as light jogging, swimming or riding a bike. There is minimal stress on knees and feet. Dancing at low intensities increases metabolism, flexibility and strength. Practicing bellydance enhances the posture, strengthens the lower back, legs, and core muscles.
Plus it's really fun!

What do I wear to class?

Dance classes are exercise. You will need to wear something that you can move easily in. You also need to make sure that it fits your form so that the instructor can see how you are moving in order to provide feedback.

What about shoes?

Most dancers choose to go barefoot, wear slippers or socks for practice as sneakers tend to be harder to dance in.

Am I too skinny or too fat to bellydance?

NO! Belly dancers come in all sizes. You will be dancing with other women and no one is there to judge. One of Samira's inspirations, Leah Robling once said, "It is considered abundance to have hips and belly and some girth. That's the root and the heritage of the dance, not a skinny, small model body...If you are focusing on you and your body and the shape of the movement, it will be mesmerizing. I guarantee you. I've watched women, who were just in the moment, in the movement, and being who they are and expressing themselves, and it's gorgeous."

Am I too old to bellydance?

No! Since this is such a low impact form of exercise your age will not get in the way.

Can boys take the bellydance?

I dance like a Middle Eastern woman. If you take this class, you will learn to dance like a Middle Eastern woman. It is up to you to adapt it to your own masculinity. I do allow males in my class; however, you have to wear a scarf and participate, just like everyone else. Please email me (as opposed to calling) if you are a boy who wishes to take a class. Due to a high number of prank phone calls I have received, I will hang up immediately on any male who calls about classes. This does not mean I'm unwilling to teach them, just that I am unwilling to be harrassed over the phone.

Is bellydance like exotic dance?

NO! Bellydance is a cultural art & dance form. No doubt bellydance brings the beauty, grace and feminine out of women which looks sensual but its not an exotic or sexual dance. Its a dance that celebrates womanhood.

Can my daughter take classes with me?

Yes, but we do requre a parent or guarden to take the class with her if she is under driving age.

Can my friend come and watch?

We do not allow observers to the beginner level classes. However, our advanced classes welcome an audience to perform for.

Is bellydance hard to learn?

The movements will seem new to your body but they are not difficult. Most students have very little trouble catching on.

What are the health benefits of dance?

Dance strengthens and tones the whole body while developing grace and balance, it improves flexibility -- especially of the spine and hips. A typical dance class provides a moderate, low-impact aerobic workout.

Will dancing help me to lose weight?

Yes. Any form of physical activity will help you lose weight, especially if you have good eating habits and practice at home. An hour of dance burns approximately 300 calories but you'll be having so much fun it wont feel like exercise.

I've had an injury, can I still dance?

Of course you can and its important to exercise and strengthen your back muscles and leg muscles so that they will not deteriorate. Please inform the instructor if you are feeling bad pain doing certain movement. There are always alternate movements you can use.

I missed a class. How do I catch up?

We will review each week and have printable or written handouts to explain what you have missed. Private lessons are also available.