"I have worked with these ladies for a handful of events with Renegade Productions. They are a real crowd pleaser. The audience thoroughly enjoys being memorized by various dance concepts performed by this group of outstanding women. On top of that they have always been very professional, punctual, extremely easy to work with and just pleasant to be around. Their presence brings a wonderful energy to any event."

- Ali
Renegade Productions

Book a Professional Show with Samira


Bellygram - $150 for 2 songs Performed back to back for a guest of honor.

Classic Bellydance Show - $250 for a 15 minute show Can be performed all at once or broke up over the course of an hour. No more than one show per hour. This is best for weddings, restaurants, cultural events, etc. when you just need one dancer.

Multi Dancer Bellydance Show - $500 for a 20 minute show with Samira and her advanced class Performed in one set. Great for weddings, restaurants, cultural events, etc. when you need a small group of performers.

Ladies Night Lesson - $100 for a 1 hour bellydance lesson at your location - This is great for girls night in, bachelorette parties, etc.

Monthly or weekly restaurant performances - available at discount rates. Please contact Samira for rate informaiton and availability

Prices include travel expenses up to 30 miles.

These types of performances are in traditional Egyptian Cabaret style dancing. They are appropriate for weddings, corporate events and banquets.

Book Samira by following these steps:

1.) Contact Samira to check availability for your event date
2.) Download the Performance Contract, fill in your information, and email to Samira@indianabellydance.net
3.) Send your Deposit:

Book The Turkish Delights Student Troupe


One Song Appearance - $50

Half Hour Set - $100

1 Hour Set - $200

Prices include travel expenses up to 30 miles.

The Turkish Delights is an experimental student troupe of mixed levels, trying out new routines, props, and styles. This type of show is appropriate for art shows, outdoor festivals, farmers markets and variety shows.

These types of performances can include multiple styles, depending on what the students are learning at the time, you might see Egyptian Cabaret style, Turkish Oriental, American Tribal Style, Tribal Fusion or Turkish Romani. Please let us know if you have a style preference, and if time allows we will accommodate.

Book The Turkish Delights By Following These Steps:

1.) Contact Samira to check availability for your event date
2.) Download the Performance Contract, fill in your information, and email to Samira@indianabellydance.net
3.) Send your Deposit:

Frequently Asked Booking Questions

Are your performances family friendly?
Yes, and children tend to enjoy the show as much as the adults. They enjoy the music, dancing, colorful costumes and the energy we bring. We usually have a point in the show where we encourage audience participation and love to get kids up to dance too.

How far in advance should I book?
Student shows require at least 1 month notice, but professional shows can be booked at any time as long as I have the date available. As a general rule, the earlier you book, the better.

Do you have a sound system?
I can provide a PA system with iPod hookup for myself and my performers only, please let me know in advance if you would like for me to bring it. If you have your own sound system, let me know what format you prefer the music in.

Is tipping appropriate?
Yes, please see my article on how to tip a bellydancer.

Is a deposit needed?
Yes, a $50 deposit is required for professional shows and a $30 deposit is required for student shows. This deposit is refundable only in the case of a serious emergency, inclement weather, or other legitimate condition beyond the dancers control. If you need to reschedule, we can accomodate if I have at least 2 weeks notice and the dates do not interfere. This deposit must be paid at least one week before the event.

Your rates seem high, why does it cost so much?
With most art, the expense is in the preperation. Before arriving at your event, a dancer will have spent time putting together the playlist, their makeup, hair, and practicing the choreography to memory. Dancers spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on training, music, costuming and props. Although your performance may seem short, you are paying for all the things that make it possible to give you quality entertainment that your guests will remember.

Why are your troupe prices less when you bring more dancers?
My student troupe is mixed level. We have everyone from new beginners to advanced level dancers performing together. The choreographies are designed with everyone's skill level in mind. We explore new styles, props, and music together. We make our own costumes, grow together, and mostly just have fun and give everyone a chance to shine.

When you hire Samira or her advanced class, you get seasoned dancers with years of experience who devote several hours a week to their practice schedule, attend regular workshops and study classical bellydance.

Both types of shows are a lot of fun, but depending on your event, you might prefer one over the other.

Will you perform at my benefit for chairty?
The Turkish Delights will perform our one routine set (typically $50) at up to three charity events a year. We will only charge for our travel cost. Please contact us early as these book up fast.